The Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics student association, HHUS is a volunteer association for all students at the Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics. We are a non-political party, non-labour union, and non-religious association, with the purpose of handling and supporting our members’ interests. We work towards good contact between our members, our school, and businesses. HHUS is a division and an association below the “Umeå Studentkår” (Umeå Student Union). Students at the Umeå School of Business and Economics, USBE, that have paid their membership fees, are a member of HHUS.

USBE is for those who study a program within business administration or courses within the business administration at Umeå University. HHUS works with three main issues: education, social, and business contacts. HHUS also administers over E-pub, one of the few places mainly for students, and handles the magazine “Ekbladet”, which is released four times a year. Every year there is an election for the different board positions within HHUS, which are elected by HHUS members. They run HHUS and their different branches during a period of one year. The board themselves choose which members, approximately 50 people, are going to work within the different committees: Education, Social, Business, Marketing, Economy, and E-pub.

This is what you get

  • Access to ”sittningar” and all other fantastic events no matter whats your spare time intrest are 
  • Free coffee and fruits in the lounge 
  • Backpack and T-shirt at insparken 
  • Whitelines notebooks for purchase in the lounge 
  • Access to visit our beloved E-Puben 
  • Lectures and free lunch with Umeå Marknadsförening. (Umeås Marketing Association) 
  • Experience in both operational and strategic work regarding how to maintain and improve the schools education 
  • Finansresan 


  • Digital membership card, unlocks the student life in Umeå 
  • Digital nation-wide benefit card 
  • Discount booklet 
  • Access all the student pubs 
  • IKSU sports club union membership discount 
  • Campus map with a what-to-do list of Umeå 
  • Local discounts 


Four strong reasons to become a union member 

Umeå Student Union was founded on the 16th of April 1959. It is the oldest and largest student union in Umeå. The union established the first student health care center at the university, and also laid the foundations for IKSU and AB Bostaden. However, our primary mission has always been student rights and a rewarding student life for everyone attending Umeå University. 

Below you find four strong reasons to become a part of the student union: 

Your rights are protected 

As a member of Umeå Student Union, you are part of a non-profit organization whose mission is to work towards better quality of education and to help you if you feel you have been unfairly treated. The student union is also the body that represents you within the wider university. 

Your student life is improved 

Whatever the subject of your studies, there is a local association for your needs and a large part of the student union’s revenue goes directly into your local association. As a member, you also have the opportunity to get involved and help build a better student life. 

You get a vibrant community on campus 

Kick-offs, lectures, student pub nights, job fairs, movie nights and much more. A fifth of the union’s members are involved in the hundreds of events organized each year, and all this is possible thanks to your membership. 

You get plenty of benefits and discounts 

As a member, you get two benefit cards without any added cost. In addition to proofs of membership, these cards also give you hundreds of local and national discounts on travel, food and course literature to name but a few. On top of this, each year the student union offers additional benefits for its members. 

A few images from our activities 

We are HHUS, Umeås Economic and Business student!

Party all night long!

Student sittning!

Contact HHUS 

Fou HHUS – Union membership short summery 

The Union Division for students at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics including those studying single subject courses in national economics with some exceptions for those studying particular statistics and national economics courses.