Umeå Student Union
For a richer student life

Umeå Student Union was founded on the 16th of April 1959. It is the oldest and largest student union in Umeå. The union established the first student health care center at the university, and also laid the foundations for IKSU and AB Bostaden. However, our primary mission has always been student rights and a rewarding student life for everyone attending Umeå University. Below you find four strong reasons to become a part of the student union.

Your rights are protected

As a member of Umeå Student Union, you are part of a non-profit ­organization whose mission is to work towards better quality of education and to help you if you feel you have been unfairly treated. The student ­union is also the body that represents you within the wider university.

Your student life is improved

Whatever the subject of your studies, there is a local association for your needs and a large part of the student union’s revenue goes directly into your local association. As a member, you also have the opportunity to get ­involved and help build a better student life.

You get a vibrant community on campus

Kick-offs, lectures, student pub nights, job fairs, movie nights and much more. A fifth of the union’s members are involved in the hundreds of events organized each year, and all this is possible thanks to your membership.

You get plenty of benefits and discounts

As a member, you get a benefit carda without any added cost. In addition to proof of membership, the card also give you hundreds of local and national discounts on travel, food and course literature to name but a few. On top of this, each year the student union offers additional benefits for its members.